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Screaming Bean
Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm sure many of the people are already in transit, holed up in hotels across this great country counting the hours to the beginning of the end. And so it begins, this bi-yearly ritual of lawyer hazing known as the Bar Exam. I've had more than my fair share of experiences with the event, and know that there's nothing that can be done now. Pack your quiet snacks, your earplugs, your highlighters, pens, and pencils in your Ziploc bag. Sleep well. You know what needs to be done, and gosh darn it, it can be done. I'm living proof. See you on the other side.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I got curious yesterday and lobbed a couple phone calls into the firms where I interviewed earlier this month. The first firm seemed pleased that I called, and hasn't yet finished their interviewing process. I was told that I was not being ignored and that I should call back in two weeks if I haven't heard anything further. The second firm, the one that was all gung-ho about getting this whole new hire thing over quick...yeah, they didn't return my phone call. So either they hired and I'll see a ding letter sometime this millenia, or they're rethinking the whole new hire thing. Either way, not good. The third, I know they're still interviewing and I won't bug them for a while. In the meantime, I'll go about my work, hoping desperately that things change soon, and trying not to get chewed out. Maybe I need to take a wee vacation day or two.

For those of you who are up next on the Bar Exam pinwheel of fate, hold on kiddies...the fun ride is nearly at its end.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Interesting thing happened on Wednesday. I went in to an interview for a job I wasn't sure I wanted, and actually came out feeling better about the job and the organization when I was done. That hasn't happened before. Perhaps it was being relaxed and trying to be myself that did it, perhaps it was a lack of pressure on my end. It had its fair share of odd questions, and a fair share of odd answers on my part, but how many group interviews have you had where you actually got the interviewers to laugh? I did, more than once. In a way, it was sort of a surreal experience. We'll see if it goes anywhere, but even if it doesn't, it was a fun afternoon.

And to bring me screaming back to reality, upon my actually trying to do work this morning, my boss thought it'd be a good idea to totally change the file structure on the server. Documents I needed, I couldn't find. Documents I opened, I couldn't save. And my boss couldn't understand why I got upset about this. Could it be that you're doing it in the middle of a business day? That you might actually be impinging on my attempts to do something billable? And what exactly do you bill to "sitting on my ass waiting for the boss to figure out how to make the files prettier?"

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I haven't heard a word on anything about the interviews, and I also lined up another interview for Wednesday. Surprisingly, it was for an organization I interviewed with back before I passed the Bar, and had a pretty awful interview experience. I'm older, wiser, and licensed now. It should be an interesting round 2, and for a bigger better job. In the meantime, I feel like I'm in limbo. I can't organize any days off, any trips, or even CLEs, because I might be out of here right quick. And hearing horror stories about how the prior employees left, I'm not counting on two weeks notice. Seeing as how I don't do litigation anyway, my projects aren't exactly long term and require a lot of turnover hand-holding. One week should be enough, but rude, I'm sure. Thoughts?


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

There are certain things while studying for the Bar Exam that give a sense of calm once you learn them. I can't remember many of them now, but one that always made sense to me was Adverse Possession. It had to be hostile, lasting and continuous (time frame of 10 years), open and notorious. So what does New York State do 3 weeks before the Bar Exam this year? Change the rules to Adverse Possession. I about jumped out of my skin last night when I read that. You can't screw with the universe like that and not expect consequences. It can't be just a fence any more, or having mowed the lawn for 10 years, it's got to be a serious and important improvement. And of course, not being lawyers the journalists who covered this story gave the time period short shrift, so I was digging all over today trying to find if the time period changed. It didn't.

Now I don't mean to freak out the people studying for the Bar Exam, because by this point the exam questions have been written and printed, so it's not that big of a deal, but wow...going and messing with Adverse Possession just leaves me discomfited...and I'm not even a Real Estate attorney.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ah, a holiday weekend does a mind good. Tried not to dwell on Monday, and was somewhat successful. Also got in a round of golf, cleaned the carpets, and watched a highly illegal but very entertaining fireworks display put on by our neighbors.

We all came back to work greeted with the message that we now have to bill and account for every moment we're in the office. Yeah, not too thrilled with that prospect. For instance, what code do you bill for looking for a new job? Or staring out the window? What are we, three? It's bad enough I'm being told now when I should be taking a lunch as to not impinge on other people, but now I have to account for the moments I have alone in the bathroom. And to think, I don't even work in BigLaw!

So here's to the two interviews I had, including probably the shortest one I've ever had with 2 people during my lunch hour yesterday. Good opportunity, and great learning possibilities. I've got no problem with being succinct. So now I have to sit on pins and needles and wait for something to happen. And figure out what to bill this blog post to...

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

This week has been hellish. I've been forced to pick up all sorts of work because of someone's vacation, which I would never fault one for, but was given no warning about the possible consequences. Issues came up, that had I known about would have been able to handle with some forethought and ease, but as a result was caused to scramble and made missteps that could have been avoided. And to top it off, my work computer decided to go all weird this morning, which still has not been repaired. This is not for lack of trying mind you, but I refuse to have to beg my office manager a third time to do their job and see about getting IT on the phone. I can work around the problem, albeit clunkily, but I foresee no result to this issue, since it's seen as really no big deal. I'm only a lawyer after all, what use would I have for a computer that is actually able to open pdf files?

But hey, it's a 3-day weekend...if I can just get the hell out of here.