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Screaming Bean
Friday, April 18, 2008

I know many of you wanted to see these pictures, so I had to figure out how best to grab some off the camera and put them up here. The darker cabinets before are above, and the lighter cabinets below are the after. The floor has not been finished yet, nor has the detail work like a toekick, light rail, or a tiled backsplash:


Thursday, April 17, 2008

The countertops are being installed as I type. Sitting at home, doing my job while grinders grind away. A little loud, but better than being at work. I still haven't been fired. In fact, I have a vacation coming next week. About damn time if you ask me. One of these days I was gonna snap and get myself fired. Things stay the same at work, but my frustration with it keeps growing. And now with this home project nearing an end, I won't be able to get my ya-yas by drilling holes and sanding walls. I need to take up martial arts or something. I need to vent my anger constructively. Else, I'll end up with an ulcer, and to what end? In the meantime, I bring you new countertops, wonky plumbing, and broken drill bits.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The house is nearly back to a semblance of order. All the important appliances work again, and I can actually walk around in the kitchen. Meanwhile, when we were working inside, spring was working outside. Today is a gorgeous day, and it actually feels spring-y out. I drove around with my sunroof open. I even stopped at Starbucks for a green tea frappuccino. I waited patiently while the new barista figured out how to make it. And when the second barista popped out of the back and loudly announced that green tea frappuccinos used to be her favorite until she found out how much fat was in it, I didn't smirk. Not even when she said it loudly a second time. Of course, when the order came to me, the person in the shop who heard all of this, and not the drive-thru, she was sufficiently chastened. I got an apology. And it still didn't harsh my mellow. It's that nice out.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Nearly all the wall cabinets are up now, and we have an ersatz sink setup (which leaks like a sieve, but hey). The countertop guys are coming next week to do a template, and we'll have real live countertops before we leave on our trip. Saturday is going to be a make or break day, since it'll be the day we make some major decisions on heights of cabinets, cutting holes and bolting stuff to the wall and together. No turning back from that one. Actually, in the scheme of things...this project has been less stressful than the bathroom, in that you can live without a kitchen, but not without a shower. Less plumbing too. It'll be cool. I'll put up a full picture book when I'm done, just to prove that it indeed did happen and to record it for posterity.