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Screaming Bean
Monday, June 30, 2008

Indeed, the job search is still on for me. In fact, I have an interview tomorrow, and an interview next week. This is causing me to freak out slightly since the last interview I had, which went swimmingly well, did not in fact get me the job. I also have to fudge my schedule at work on those days in order to step out for the meetings. Luckily, they're near where I work now so travel time really doesn't figure into the situation too much. As it is that no one locally does what I do, I have to play up the fact that I have all sorts of skills and would be more than happy to use them in whatever role the new firm saw fit. I also have to do that without seeming totally desperate. Though, since I have a job right now, how desperate could I be, right? So think happy thoughts, and maybe this will all work out. In the meantime, it's a 4-day workweek...it's a 4-day workweek.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Like most people I've gotten a speeding ticket. I've only gotten one in my driving career *knock on wood*, but for me that's one too many. Recently we had the opportunity to get a radar detector at a really reduced rate as a result of a raffle. It tells me all sorts of weird things, since it reads 3 radar bands plus lasers. I do not take it with me when I go to work as my commute is quite short. However, I almost needed it this morning. Right outside my office, a local cop was running a speed trap in the middle of a 4-lane road. Sitting in the middle turning lane, causing a total hazard...all in the name of safety? What the hell? I've seen multiple people pulled over near the office, and I am so tempted to just hang out my shingle and handle traffic tickets here. Easy money, all one police department. Part of my lawyer brain wants to know if that sort of speed trap tactic is legal...but then again, there's a personal driveway they sit in as well, and that is just plain trespassing. Can you tell I'm bored?

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've put some emphasis on my job search of late. I know it's a horrible time of year to be trying to find a new job, with all the new graduates, but unlike all you newbies, I have real-life legal experience. Yeah, yeah, stop laughing already. So I lob resumes hither and thither with the hope of a nibble. I've gotten a couple calls, done one interview, but nothing ever comes of it. It's depressing honestly. I guess I shouldn't complain too vociferously, since I actually have a job that pays me to come to work everyday, but fulfilling it isn't. It's just a means to an end. I tried to tap some of that unfulfillment in my newest cover letter sent today, and I hope I captured the wistful optimism of someone in the legal community who isn't beaten and cynical. Never mind the fact that I feel like both most days, but I can be wistful and optimistic if pressed.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

In the insanity that is my life, I look for things that I can do that make me happy. It's the time of year when our local club car show rolls around. And not only did my spouse and I participate on the committee, we also did judging. I've never judged anything for scores in my life, but it's as good a time to start as any. Turns out, it's very telling what people think is clean on a car. Things that are easy, like vacuuming, seem to go by the wayside. We, on the other hand, are maniacs on the detailing front. Like last year, we decided to go one better and go for the Super Clean category. So not only does the inside and outside of your car need to be clean, so does the trunk and engine compartment. This is a bit of a challenge, especially since I've been parking at work in what is effectively a construction zone. Sand has been everywhere. However, we sucked it up and cleaned like fiends for 2 days. And our reward? 1st Place Trophy in our category. It cheered me immensely. Knowing the competition, I'm still stunned. But now I have two trophies for my car. I never got a trophy for anything before this car. I like the hardware.


Friday, June 06, 2008

Because we can't have a week without Beanie getting in trouble somehow, I bring you my latest tale of woe. Seems I don't bill enough. Now this isn't exactly a shocker, seeing as how my work goes something like this: (1) get project, (2) complete my portion of the project in a reasonable period of time, but insanely quickly by this firm's standard, (3) hand it in for review, (4) wait weeks or months for a response. I brought this up when I was told I don't bill enough. That didn't seem to matter, since the purpose of the meeting was getting me to admit that half the time I sit on my butt. As this is not a prevarication, I agreed. It's hard to do something when all your work is sitting on someone else's desk waiting for their portion of the work. It's particularly ironic for that same person to get on my case for not doing anything. The response to this issue? Don't try and fix why I'm not doing anything, give me lots of busy work that isn't billable to anyone. So now I have an arm's length list of "busy" work that won't serve any purpose other than to make me "busy". Yep, really makes me want to come to work.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Nothing new here, same old crap, new week. I'm moody as all get out, and it's all related to work. I had an interview 2 weeks ago, and haven't heard a word. I even called to follow-up, and got nowhere. So that has impacted my mood as it looks like another opportunity has bitten the dust. I'm angry at home, I'm angry at work. I got all this extra work last week since one of the other associates was out on vacation, and I thought I was just keeping the fires burning until they got back. This morning's meeting? Yeah, they're mine now. Gee thanks. I'm getting chewed at for things I have no idea about, because I never had the promised meeting on the project. And gee, the one project that has been sat on for 5 months is now a priority. Not my fault you sat on it for 5 months. I've been harping on this project nearly every week for each of those 5 months and was duly ignored. The word of the day is procrastination...no wait, that is every day's word here.