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Screaming Bean
Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween everyone! I know I sound like such a spoilsport when I say this, but I wish it would rain or something tonight, because it's a Friday Halloween. This means bad things in my neighborhood. Gangs of roving teenagers doing all sorts of vandalism to our homes, and because it's Friday and good weather, nothing at all to make them go home. As it is, the cops have to patrol around us in mass. We are ground zero for our area for Halloween. And not in a good way. It really takes the fun out of it. At least our cars can be in the garage and we can hunker down, but it's like preparing for war. So here's hoping your Halloween is carefree, full of chocolate-y goodness and lots of cute little kids in costumes.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My car is not old. My car only has 16,000 miles on it. However, the other day I hear what sounded like squealing coming from my brakes. This is disturbing, because this should not be happening on my car. So, as I do every time something weird happens, I take it to the dealership. Now luckily for me, my dealership is only 1/2 mile from work, else this would be really damn annoying. It becomes more annoying for them since they get to take me to work, and call me, and pick me up when it's raining to come get my car. And so yesterday they did just that. And it turns out that my front brakes were bad. Now, I am not cruel to my car. I love my car. I don't take it to track days with our BMW club, I don't take it to autocrosses, I just drive less than 10K miles a year. And the front brakes needed to be replaced! So, moral of the story...while I love my BMW dearly, so far I've cost them a lot of money. 4 new tires, brand new brake pads, 2 new sets of wipers, 4 oil changes, a brake fluid flush, 3 gallons of windshield wiper fluid, and two door lock actuators and 4 fuses, all in the course of 20 months. Yup, this free maintenance plan works great!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Last night it happened for the first time. My car showed the dreaded snowflake. On my car, when the temp hits 37 or lower, I get a chime and a snowflake. Last night it popped up while I was making a banzai run for cinnamon. Yes, cinnamon. Hard to make an apple pie when you have no cinnamon in the house. I could have sworn we had cinnamon, but it's seemingly gone AWOL. Therefore, trip to the market instead of the Jets game. Luckily, it's not that far away, but on the way home...snowflake! I audibly yelled, "NOOOOOOOOOooooo...." As I was only one in the car, I don't think the car cared. But I did. The end is near. SNOWFLAKE!


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My reward for my vacation? Being buried alive in work. One of my fellow associates thought that perhaps they needed time off too and took off the week after me, leaving me with not only all the work of mine that had sat around, but theirs too. After having a meeting with my boss in which I was given more work than 3 associates should have, let alone me, I blew my stack. I brought up the fact that everytime I go away, all my work is left to fester and sit, but when anyone else takes time off I'm expected to do all my work plus all of theirs. The response? That's the way it is. In other words, get used to it, you're a slave around here. I promptly came down with a head cold, which due to the situation in the office, I can't take any time off for. Not that I have sick time anyway, since I was roundly chastised the first and only time I took a day off sick, and have been forced to work through stomach flu and other ailments that even a minimum wage worker would be allowed to go home for. I know I should blog more, but it's depressing and now with the country going to hell in a handbasket, I may be stuck here in perpetuity. Yeah.

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