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Screaming Bean
Monday, March 31, 2008

The kitchen is no more. As of Saturday afternoon we have no working sink, the microwave and stove are disconnected, and we have about 2 feet of workable space. There are holes in the walls, dust everywhere, and the silverware drawer is living in our bedroom. We still took time out of our hectic lives to go to IKEA for the second time to pick up missing pieces, swap the pieces that were injured in some way, and eat more meatballs. We should be all set now. And, bonus in the AS-IS department, we were able to pick up the wood necessary to fix our pantry closet to make it look like our cabinets, all for a whopping $5. We felt quite proud. Still, it wasn't fun to come home last night from the trip and realize the house is still a war zone and we did nothing yesterday. But, today is a new day...and even though we're currently at work, we'll work tonight and hopefully get some wiring and sheetrock up. It'll get done...someday.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

The construction is going along swimmingly. Every night we come home and put together a couple more cabinets. In fact, we're down to one last cabinet to build. The goal is to make sure we have all our parts accounted for by Sunday, since we're returning to IKEA to swap bad pieces, get missing parts, and return the stuff we didn't need. Cool thing we learned while doing this is that you can share parts among cabinets, so we ended up with stuff to return after all. In the meantime, giving some thought to what we would do with our old cabinets, we put them up on Craigslist. Oh my goodness! I had no idea our local Craigslist was such a powerful thing. Within 10 minutes of posting the cabinets must go for free (and mind you they're old and grubby), we had no less than 4 requests. That has since grown to about 30 responses. People are desperate for these cabinets. Of course, not all of them are available yet, since they're still attached to the wall and holding our plates and food. As far as our attitude toward each other, we're in good shape...though walking around the house is troublesome. Of course when we start tearing about the kitchen in earnest we may come to blows, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Just kidding honey!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The kitchen remodeling is well underway. We already have built 6 cabinets, hung 2 of them, and have nearly finished one wall of the kitchen. Funny part is, regardless of how crappy work is, getting home and doing this makes me feel so much better. It feels important and worthwhile. Not to mention, we've already put quite a dent in the pile of boxes downstairs. Can't get too complicated for our meals though, since the kitchen is a war zone. Easter Sunday was pizza. And good pizza too. Anything that can be reheated quickly works for us. Last night, leftover meatloaf. And we haven't even started the demo on the important cabinets yet. I'm not worried, but it's going to get a lot messier before it's over.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I had the opportunity to interview this morning. Nice firm, great opportunity, but I don't have the litigation experience I think they're looking for. I've never really had the opportunity to do litigation, even as a paralegal, so I can't really lie about it. At least I wasn't requested to provide a transcript. I hate when that happens. Anyway, I have a question for those of you out there who work in larger firms. Is 2,000 hours billable do-able? I realize there are people who have no problems with working 12 hours days, 6 days a week, but this isn't exactly a firm that would have struck me for such a high requirement. I'm not sure if I can do that. Never mind that I have no idea what the pay is, so that may make the decision for me, but I just want to have an idea what it's all about. Will I ever play golf again? Will I ever be able to go home? It may be all a moot point anyway, but I just wanted to know.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Like many people across the nation, we're holding on to our house for a while and waiting for the housing cycle to play itself out. We're also trying to improve what we've got so when the time is right, we'll have a great house to show. To that end, we've recently redone the bathroom, and now are working on the kitchen. Being bold pioneering sorts, we're doing it ourselves. And to do our cabinets, we picked IKEA. I love IKEA. I love IKEA even after spending 10 hours there on Saturday. Why 10 hours? Why not 10 hours? It took some time to place the order, we had lunch, more shopping, picked up the order and had to check to make sure our order was complete, and most importantly, packing the truck to take it home. And it all made it home. No doors on the highway, no hinges bouncing away on the medians, just a full full full truck. And now it's stacked in our family room. All flatpacked, all just waiting to be assembled. In the meantime, I'll be venetian plastering the kitchen walls. It's oddly relaxing compared to my job. Artistic too. It'll be good. It'll be fine. Just don't ask to eat over at my house at the moment. The kitchen is a bit of a wreck.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And so Spitzer has resigned. I heard the news conference, I heard his speech, and I nearly cried. Why? Not because I didn't think he should resign, I did. Maybe because I felt misled. I believed that he was good for New York state, that he would bring his take charge leadership from the AG's office to the Governor's Mansion. I believed he had a good marriage with good kids. My heart breaks for Silda. To find out that while you might be beautiful and intelligent, your husband was paying high-priced call girls for sex is beyond horrible to me. And I don't buy into the whole "it was just prostitution, what's the big deal" argument. He was a lawyer who prosecuted this sort of thing. He used to get the warrants for the wiretaps, and investigated the money trails. Was his ego that big that he thought he could sneak by because he knew how the game was played? But I'm not even that angry. No, I'm just sad about the whole thing, because I keep thinking about what could have been. I wish David Paterson the best of luck for what lies ahead. I hope he can bring honor and integrity back to the Capitol.


Friday, March 07, 2008

I have large amounts of time where I just sit at work and do nothing. This is not by choice, but rather due to the inability of my boss to let me do anything on my own. I'm held hostage by waiting for the next crisis/job/task to be given to me. Everything has to be vetted, and this takes time. So, I sit. However, the paralegal in our office went on a long vacation this week. As a result, I was given that work as well...because you know, I'm good with menial tasks. How good? I'm more efficient than I've ever been. Why? No stupid middleman steps. I need something, I don't have to wait for it, I just do it. I cranked out more work yesterday than I have in 3 weeks. And the day went quick. Should I be the one doing this? Probably not, but hey...I'm not a real lawyer, right? The certificate on my wall is a figment of your imagination.


Monday, March 03, 2008

My cold seemingly cleared up over the weekend, which made me very happy. What didn't make me happy was coming into work this morning and finding that my e-mail system (and just mine, no one elses) was hosed beyond recognition. My sent e-mails are have no subject or recipient anymore and bear the same time stamp even though created over a full year. Last Tuesday, I came to work to find our server didn't work. I swear, it's like the place is running on bailing wire and twine. Anyway, I finally got some of my stupid meetings done, but not all of them because that would be too good I suppose. So, what to do now? Plan on tearing my kitchen at home apart. I just don't have enough stress in my life, I need to throw it into total chaos.

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