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Screaming Bean
Monday, February 05, 2007

Still shopping for cars...and seeing as how up to this point we've only taken one day each week to shop, this may take the rest of the year. Something's got to give. Don't get me wrong, I'm not eager to get a car. In fact, I don't miss driving at all. It's one of those necessary evils in my book. Yes, it would be lovely to run errands at lunch, but I just plan around it. That being said, the shopping went better this weekend. First, no active snowfall. Second, most places were more amenable this time around. Maybe I was more amenable this time around. Either way, we went to Hyundai, Pontiac, Volvo, and another Honda dealer. I actually drove five cars. I have some strong favorites at this point. We still have a few places left to check out. I was getting terribly confused by this point, and maybe it's all the time I've spent with my engineer spouse, but I actually brought up the fact that we should create a spreadsheet to do a side by side comparison. And son of a gun, it does help. We were able to knock out models, and in one case a complete company.

Things I have learned though, the hard sell so turns me off. Making me decide on a color before letting me drive one wins you no points. I don't need to visualize myself in the exact color car before deciding on whether I like it. When I stomp on the gas to get out of the way of traffic and it doesn't hesitate, that is the deciding factor for me. Don't try to get us to commit right that moment. It takes us days to buy a TV, I'm not buying a car in 15 minutes. Don't try to find out my life story. I will lie to you, on principle. You don't need to know everything about me to sell me a car. The car will speak for itself. In fact, if you're trying too hard, it's usually a sign that the car is crap. Don't dismiss me when I bring up real issues with the car. If I say the car is shifting too slowly from first to second gear, don't tell me that's the nature of CVT transmissions. Call it Tiptronic, Shiftronic, Pseudomanual, if I don't drive stick, I don't care that you put a plus and minus on the gear shift so I can play around with shifting the automatic. My old car had that too...it was labeled 2. I used it on hills.

There are some things that will win me over though. You will win points if you let us drive it by ourselves. (Given, that is a real rare instance, and only with some GM dealers, but it's still cool.) Don't overplay the safety features. In fact, don't mention anything about crashing. Crashing is something I'd rather not talk about. Just tell me it's got a bunch of airbags all over the place, and I'm good. And finally, don't act surprised that I step on it when I get the opportunity. I want to see what the car can do, and that doesn't mean 40 mph. Work with me here people!