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Screaming Bean
Monday, January 29, 2007

The worst part of the whole car accident experience is the consequences. For instance, I still haven't heard yet if my car has been totaled out yet. The adjuster is supposedly going to look at it today. Assuming that it would be, my spouse and I decided to squander one of our hard earned Saturdays by shopping for cars.

First off, test driving a car in snow sucks. I hadn't driven since the accident, and was now sitting in a brand new car I wasn't familiar with and forced to drive in snow. I only did that once. Too much pressure, and you really can't get a feel for the car since you're too busy freaking out.

Second, we came up with a story. The word accident wasn't going to be said. We came up with a story about how we're an one car household and decided it was time to have a car. Now, if you truly think about this...it's beyond far-fetched. Here we are, two professionals, in our 30s (had to show licenses to test drive), living in suburbia, with only one car. If anyone actually didn't believe the story, they didn't ask any questions and that's good.

Third, this time around we're leaving no stone unturned. No dealership is immune...save Suzuki and Kia...not feeling kooky enough for Suzuki, and I just don't like Kia. Attitudes in dealerships vary wildly. Nissan couldn't have been nicer...we spent over an hour there. Both Chevy and Ford were laid back, made you feel comfortable to be there. I like that. On the opposite end of the spectrum we had Toyota...really could have given a damn if we were there, and really didn't want to sell us anything. And even worse, Honda. We got the newbie salesman (first customers ever), and he couldn't tell us anything about anything. Asking about leasing got us nowhere. Me: "No, I don't want to lease a car for 60 months. We're looking at leasing, not buying." Him: "What are the chances that you'll buy a car today?" Spouse: "No chance in hell." We hadn't even driven one yet, what makes you think we're going to buy one. We then got sicked on the Manager. Manager: "Well if you'd driven a Honda before you'd buy one right now. These are the best deals we've ever had." No mention is made of any sort of figures, we're just supposed to take his word for it? "Why aren't you even going to drive today?" Spouse: "Because it's snowing and I'd rather not take a brand new car out in this weather." Manager: "Well, have a good day then." We were then shown the door. Never did find out what the deal was, if there was one. Yeah, not going back there even if it stops snowing.

In the meantime, we're still carpooling, but this car shopping is for the birds.