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Screaming Bean
Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Today is going to be a long day. I left the house late, yet still made it to class on time. Got my reading done for Biz Org, and prepared for my presentation in Products Liability too, but the concepts of sophisticated purchasers of silica and learned practioners of Norplant are really not fun reading over an egg sandwich. One highlight though, liable has made her return. Luckily none of the scenarios I had come up with were true.

However, staying with the tone that I have adopted of late, I feel the need to bitch about something. And staying true to my title, I have to bitch about driving. My commute can take many forms. I can take neighborhood surface streets and drive through multiple school zones, or I can take the interstate with all the commuting crazy people. This latter choice can be a crap shoot to make up time. Before setting out on this route I tell myself I will not do over 70 mph. This statement tends to last all of about 30 seconds once I hit the highway in fear that I will be run over. But I digress...my complaint is the way to which I must gain entrance (or ingress...I knew it wasn't egress, I looked it up) to said highway. This complaint holds true for most highways actually. It does not matter if it's an uphill on-ramp or a downhill on-ramp...it's an acceleration lane. By this it is meant that one is to approach the point of yielding to traffic at a similar speed to those already on the highway. This means if the highway speed is 55 mph, you should be at or very near 55 mph at the point at which you merge with traffic. This does not mean do 30 mph up the ramp and leave the people behind you in fear for our lives, for it isn't you which will be hit first, it will be us. This is also the reason why I cannot own a 4 cylinder car, because I may be killed when I have to go from 30 to 60 mph in order to keep myself from being killed due to this person's stupidity. Screaming does not help in this instance. I refrain from using a horn due to the fact I do not want them to apply the brakes and cause a further slow down and/or my rearending of this same idiot. Okay, this was way longer than I imagined, but oddly I do feel better. To recap, hit the highway with authority...don't creep on to it.