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Screaming Bean
Friday, March 19, 2004

It's been a long week, I've failed at being edgy or at least informational, so to make it up to you all I bring you a new one-time feature, a rant about fuel prices brought to you by my better half. I do take credit for this diatribe only in that I'm happy to know in five years of marriage and an additional three years of dating I have given my spouse a political bent that may or may not have existed prior to now.

There is nothing the American public can do about the gas prices except be smarter about the people we put into public office. It all stems from politics. Put people who have oil in their back pocket into office and this is what you get. But its now going to backfire on the administration and the American People. Bush couldn't get into Alaska, the Senate held firm and protected our beautiful countryside. Then we created a mess in the middle east and the oil supply countries have said a big **** you and reduced their supplies and raise the price of crude, not to mention all the extra oil it takes to run a war (despite being able to refuel in the country your fighting).

So the gas companies continue to close refineries (or have that accidental fire once a year), creating even more shortages (Shell is closing one of its biggest west coat refineries later this year). Reduced supply and more gas hogging vehicles (like my neighbor who owns an Explorer AND an Escalade as their primary vehicles) means higher prices at the pump. (see Economics 101)

OH, and by the way, because the administration couldn't get into Alaska like they promised their buddies, the gas companies are raising the rates even higher to get them out of office by way of public disapproval(nice turnaround eh?).

So the senate has passed a referendum to temporarily stop the US from refilling its reserves to allow more supply to the public at large. Will it help, maybe.

The poor truckers and farmers are right now being hurt, but soon all of us. Owner Operators are parking their trucks because its too expensive to fill them and they can't add fuel surcharges because the farmers can only afford to pay them so much because the cost of fuel for the tractors is also up so high. When you pay a fuel surcharge to a company, don't expect that trucker to get much of it. This will be a domino effect all the way to a head of lettuce in the supermarket.