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Screaming Bean
Friday, August 22, 2008

Fast forward 12 hours, and I'm doing the same thing, even though the secretary is working today. Because why would you have a secretary make changes when you can make the associate do it? Occasionally I'm told to "try my hand at something" only to have the paragraph excised in total on the next round of edits. I wasn't even allowed to sit down this morning at my desk before I started taking crap from my boss. Now mind you, I've done nothing wrong here. Unless of course, breathing and merely existing is doing something wrong. Which, by this point of the day I've begun to think may in fact be a problem. How much does it cost to be placed in a medically induced coma?


Thursday, August 21, 2008

I sit because I wait. I wait because my boss procrastinates. I wait further because I have ceased to be a lawyer, I'm a secretary. I get to turn my boss's edits to a document that ceased to be anything I wrote 4 hours ago. Literally, there is no sentence in the document that hasn't been rewritten in some fashion. Some of it I understand totally. Some of it is just turn of phrase, which makes me extremely angry. The resulting document is nearly unreadable gobbledygook, all because we need to add 15 million legal gewgaws to make it look lawyerly. Bryan Garner it ain't. Not my idea of a good time either. Since our receptionist/secretary left nearly an hour ago, I get to play phone answerer/secretary until hell freezes over, or until such time I am bid adieu for the evening. I paid 70K for a piece of paper and took the Bar Exam three times for the ability to be a secretary? Yeah, I'm feeling bitter.


Monday, August 18, 2008

While watching the Olympics has seemingly taken over every evening of my life of late, I have a week of appointments ahead. I get to go to the dentist, which I hate with a passion, even though I have good teeth. We'll have the whole "We need to take x-rays" talk, and then I'll remind them that they just took x-rays and that it really is not necessary. There's one dentist in the office who is desperate to do cosmetic work on me, even though my teeth are perfectly fine and not the least bit crooked. It's a necessary evil I know, though I'd love to tell them that sending out those postcards with my appointment on them is against HIPAA rules. Where's the "Personal and Confidential" hmm?

Later this week I have a lunch appointment with a career coach. After getting dinged thoroughly by 4 firms in the course of a month, I need to regroup and see what's going on. There's someone locally who works with people to effectively market them to get new jobs. I'll see if it does me any good to sign up. I'd go back through the law school for assistance, but I'm not convinced that'd do me any good. I wasn't exactly top 10% of my class, so they look at me funny. Either way, it's good to get a second opinion.

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Yesterday was a decent day at work. No boss, but things were completed anyway. I was given authorization to go ahead and actually do something with authority for those 8 hours the boss wasn't present. It's amazing what the lack of bureaucracy will do for productivity. And it went smoothly without any hiccups. Today? I was just informed I need to provide a copy of every and all documents that I authorized yesterday. Why? No reason given. I say, it should have been just a slap in the face...it would have hurt less and been more upfront. I've gotten three reminders today alone to do things I have been doing all along. Why? Because my boss won't read my emails, just reacts. I've just about had it. Damn good thing it's Friday.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

It's nearly Monday again...and that is truly depressing. A weekend with no golf makes Beanie grouchy. The summer is short enough as it is without weather screwing things up. On the job front, 2 of the 3 interviews have not panned out, but I still hold a candle for the third. And weirder still, I got a random email from a firm from some distance away who wanted to talk to me about a position. It's a real firm, and a real job, so I'll be doing a phone interview this week. Not a clue how they got the resume though. It's rather odd.

On the home front, we're thinking about doing something with the landscaping around the house. As we have spent all our energies focused on the interior, the exterior has suffered greatly. We do not possess outdoor rehab skills like our indoor ones, so we're looking to hire this one out. We've had one person stop by so far, and he gave us some ideas and will give us a quote later on this week. We've already taken one of his suggestions and begun taking down a defunct chain link fence. Fun with ratchets and sockets...and dodging bees which also liked the fence. I guess we should watch more landscaping shows now.

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