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Screaming Bean
Monday, May 29, 2006

I hope your weekend was refreshing and fun. Mine, it had it's moments of fun certainly. It's always fun to stay home on a holiday weekend, because around here everyone seems to bolt, leaving everywhere relatively quiet and calm. Got in a lazy round of golf, and son of a gun I think golf school might actually have worked. It was a Par 3 Executive course so it's not terribly difficult, but I actually got a birdie and 3 pars. I actually shaved off 17 strokes from the last time I played that course. Wee! And in the Bar front, I have new weapons. My good friend, who was smart enough to get through it on the second try gave me a full set of Barbri books. I now have Conviser. Oh yes. I am unstoppable! Muhahahaha.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I know I have been terribly lax this week in posting. Especially since I've actually been at home and all, but my day to day has been pretty dull. I went back to work on the PMBR materials I had hoarded, and started with the 6 day book that I had. I had actually kept my answer sheets from the first time I did it, and from the first 50 I did, I can honestly say I'm doing much better this time. Of course, given my track record it's like comparing a blizzard to a snowflake. They're both snow and they both suck. Mixed metaphors aside, I have a new secret weapon which I ordered on EBay. Because as we all know, if it's exotic, weird, or strange you can find it on EBay. Behold my daruma. He came to me from Thailand via registered mail. Now I'm not Buddhist, but I appreciate both the physical and spiritual meaning of the doll. I have made my wish and painted the first eye. He resides close to significant belongings. He stares at me while I study. It's oddly comforting and inspirational at the same time.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hey peoples! I have returned from the great outdoors. A little rain...a little sun...a lot of golf. I got to hit way too many golf balls and might have actually picked up a few skills along the way. That and my spouse's old irons, and I now have some decent chipping and pitching skills. And I got an opportunity to play actual golf on actual size courses. Did I care it was raining? No! I'm just that hardcore. Give me a hat and a windshirt and I'll play golf in any sort of weather. In fact, I think I like it better when it's cold. In the meantime, going to get some new grips for the old clubs and get really serious. Everybody needs a hobby.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I wanted to drop a quick line before I bug out for a few days. We're headed to golf school, and goodness knows I need a little physical activity. My butt has been glued to this desk chair the last few days, and it's only the beginning of the chair-riding marathon. It's supposed to be cold and damp, but I don't care. Fresh air is good.

And to cheer me even more, my cousin and her husband just moved in around the corner from us. This is the closest I've ever lived to other family, so it may take some time getting accustomed. But, they have the sweetest little 6 month old baby who I finally got to meet tonight. He's just a bundle of sunshine, and if I ever need something to make me smile, I may have to go and visit. And bonus, he did actually seem to like me too.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Proving that my brain just isn't where it should be currently, let me tell you a little story about yesterday. Went and got the mail and got a mailer with credit cards in them. You know the ones, they're from Wilmington, DE in non-descript envelopes, everything that just screams "there's Credit Cards in here!" Took inside and opened them, and found that Discover Card has sent us new cards. The justification was that they were changing the code on the back of the card and improving the magnetic strip for our protection. And if it's for your protection, isn't that a good thing? (That's what the NSA was trying to say yesterday...but I digress.) I can never remember whose phone number is registered to the card, so I had my spouse call. (We don't have a home number, we both have separate cell phones and no landline.) Punch in the number on the sticker and get a person only to realize that the cards themselves had no numbers on them. We had a name, an expiration date, but no actual credit card number printed on the face of the card. Now that's what I'm talking about for credit protection. No one can defraud you, you keep the number in your head! Turns out it wasn't as cool as all that, that Discover had slopped up and shipped a bunch out to people with no numbers. I want to take the card and use it, but I guess it's not activated, and I still have an active old card. But shouldn't I have noticed when I opened the envelope? I had identified the envelope as a credit card one, but totally spaced on the card part. I need help people...the brain is gone!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I have good news and I have bad news. Good news, depending on your point of view...I signed up for the exam again and have actually started studying. Bad news, I lost another job before I had it. Another temp gig, this time actually qualified for a legal secretary. Was going to meet with the firm today to see how the fit would be, only to be called this morning and told that one of the other associates has a child coming home for the summer from college and wants to use them instead. Yup, I got replaced by a student with no experience. Wee. But if there's any consolation, they wanted me more, seeing as I actually knew what the hell I was doing. And they didn't even know I hadn't passed, so they were gonna get a pseudo lawyer...and they still turned me down. *sigh* So instead I'm on the hunt for another gig and a notary to notarize my application for the Bar. Here goes nothing.

Monday, May 08, 2006

I've been putting a lot of thought into how I plan to attack this exam. I started out by cleaning up my workspace, trying to get organized and get things in order. I've gotten some very helpful advice from one of my fellow bloggers, who told me what they did to get through it. I want as much feedback as I can on this one, so if you have any helpful hints, feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment. It's got to be this time, and I will do what it takes to make it happen.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Today is the last day of classes for my spouse's MBA. It's been a damn quick two years. It's been a great experience, even for me. I've got to meet some really nice people, picked up alot of knowledge and am so proud of my spouse. Between the two of us we now have 6 degrees. It makes me scratch my head sometimes and say why. Either way, I want to congratulate my spouse and say, "Let's Party!"

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Once more into the breach dear friends. I am sorry to inform you that Beanie did not pass the Bar Exam. I knew about it yesterday and spent most of the day coming to terms with it. But after being physically ill and crying my eyes out, I think I might just make it. I really didn't want to post this, but I thought since I was so forthcoming last time that maybe just maybe someone might get something out of this experience. Like someone told me last time, if failing the Bar Exam is the worst thing that happens to you in life, it's a pretty good life. It looks pretty dark right now, but I hope that's right. In the meantime, I get to blog about the experience yet again with all you other people who are sitting in July. I wanted something pithy to put at the end of this post, but I'm just not feeling it. Sorry.